About Us-Background
About Us Background

About Us

We make it our business to advance your business

Let us introduce who we are

About Us

We make it our business to advance your business

Let us introduce who we are


Believes its capabilities and cooperation to provide the best solution for business needs with extensive exposure and numerous experiences.

Right now, Moonlay provides 3 services: Apps & Cloud, Brain Resource, and Business Intelligence. Each team consist of talented people with passion, integrity, great qualities and thrust to deliver real business result.

You can hear it from our successful clients that come from various industries such as banking, event management, manufacturing, building construction, retailing, and property management, etc. Now, are you ready for your turn?

Our Client

We proud to be a part of
theirs movement to the better stage

Our Value

Our company culture create the value
of Moonlayers to work with P.R.I.D.E.

ISO 27001 Certified!

Our certification means a lot to ensure our professionalism while working with you.

Our Vision

Being the most progressive and most reliable IT consultant & talent pool in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Provide our clients with the most reliable IT service & product.

Meet Our Teams

Our expert team is made up of creatives with technical knowhow, strategists
who think outside the box, and developers who push innovations.

What They Say

Moonlay caters our company needs and their people give
knowledgeable insights and consultation, all of it comes in a best deal.
They did a thorough needs assessment and able to communicate very
well both with our management and users, be it technical or non-technical folks.

Richard Saputra - JET ExpressWebsite and Mobile Application

Overall, Moonlay was a tremendous contributor to the success of our mobile
application project. They work with the highest level of professionalism and
their work consistently exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them
for any software development initiatives.

Rama Adhitia - PT. Travelmadezy InternasionalWebsite and Mobile Application

Moonlay has showed us great professionalism and cooperation. Their
team helped us a lot during the project. Thanks Moonlay!

Anindya Putri - PT. Efrata RetailindoMobile Application (iOS & Android)

Let’s advance our business together!

Are you ready for the next level of business? Let’s collab and make IT works.