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Let us introduce who we are.

Moonlay ...

Believes its capabilities and cooperation to provide the best solution for business needs with extensive exposure and numerous experiences.

Right now, Moonlay provides 6 services: Brain Resource, IT Consulting, Implementation, Migration, Corrective Maintenance, and Preventive Maintenance with 8 solutions such as: Business Intelligence, Product Signature, Web & Apps Development, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, DevOps, Middleware, and Data Management. Each services and solution that we provide consist of talented people with passion, integrity, great qualities and thrust to deliver real business result (P.R.I.D.E).

You can hear it from our successful clients that come from various industries such as banking & finance, regulatory, government, event management, manufacturing, building construction, retailing, and property management, and many more. Now, are you ready for your turn? Let’s advance our business together!

Our successful stories.

ISO 27001:2013 Certified!

Our certification means a lot to ensure our professionalism while working with you.

Our Value

Our company culture create the value of Moonlayers to work with P.R.I.D.E.






Our Highlights

End-to-end Software Development

Brands Agnostic

Across Vertical Industries

Craftmanship Project Management

Certified IT Experts by Google, Microsoft and AWS

Products Signature

Our Vision

Being the most progressive and most reliable IT consultant & talent pool in Indonesia.

Our Mission

Provide our clients with the most reliable IT service & product.

Meet Our Team

Our expert team is made up of creatives with technical knowhow, strategists who think outside the box, and developers who push innovations.

Enablement Team

Development Team

Let’s improve our business performance and win customers fast.

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