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Companies and individuals worldwide use a variety of software in their daily activities. We use the software in almost every field, such as education, business, marketing, transportation, etc. In this article, we will discuss 5 software development tools to increase work productivity.

Software development tools are also computer programs. Software developers use them for many everyday activities. For example, create, maintain, edit, support, and debug programs, frameworks, or applications. There are many software development tools available. The top 3 popular ones are as follow:

First, GitHub allows developers to design code. It also allows them to save it from repositories. Some important GitHub features include integration with other tools, code security, and access control for all team members. You can also use it to experiment with new programming languages.

For individual and organizational use, it costs $4 per user per month. The Enterprise plan costs $21 per month for each user.

Bootstrap allows users to build and develop mobile-first projects and responsive websites using programming languages like JS, HTML, and CSS. You can customize this platform according to the requirements and needs of the project. This tool is free and open-source.

HTML5 Builder
Lastly, HTML5 Builder uses HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and PHP programming languages ​​to design and build applications. The applications developed here support multiple devices, mobile operating systems, and web browsers. To operate this tool, you need to learn the JQuery programming language. This tool is free to use.

So, which software development tools have you used?

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